Airsoft Buyer’s Guide

Airsoft is a combat simulation game which was invented in Japan before gaining immense popularity in other parts of the world. This game is somewhat similar to the Paintball, as the players from two or more groups before attacking each other with plastic pistols/guns. One has to shoot his competitor for a specific number of times to eliminate them from the game. Similarly, this game can also be played in some other ways such as Capturing the flag or Search and Destroy.

But unlike Paintball, there is no paint involved in the Airsoft and the plastic pellets used are much smaller in size as compared to that of the Paintball. Most of the airsoft guns use the standard 6mm plastic BB’s, and in sharp contrast to the Paintball, these pellets won’t spatter after hitting their target.

For a newbie, who doesn’t know much about this sport, it can get a little confusing. Depending on the role which he/she is going to play, varying from the sniper to the support gunner and finally the main attacker, one has to make some decisions before playing Airsoft. With a different type of Airsoft guns currently available in the market, with each of them having a particular set of pros and cons, customers have to be pretty knowledgeable before making a purchase.

So if you’re looking to set foot in this game, but still aren’t sure of what to do, you’ve just come to the right place. Starting from the thorough description of the best Airsoft Pistol, the below-mentioned guide will encompass other useful information which a player should possess to enjoy this sport.

Buying Guide – Things to look for in the Airsoft

Material of Construction

For making them similar to their real counterparts, most of the Airsoft guns are made from the same material as that of their real-life equivalents.

For the beginners or newbies, Plastic is used as the primary material of construction. Inexpensive, this material isn’t very durable to last rough usage. However, for the newbies who’re just in their learning phase, this material is pretty lightweight. So for the youngsters who cannot generate excessive force to lift this gun for a constant period, Plastic is quite beneficial.

Nowadays, developers have started to make use of ABS Plastics or another such kind of polymers to come up with average quality Airsoft Guns. These are much more durable than their plastic counterparts, without having any dire effect on the overall weight of this weapon. So when users can get the same size and shape as that of the real guns, the ABS guns doesn’t require much force to carry them from one place to the other.

Lastly, there are metal guns for the veterans of this sport. Talking about the specifics of this material, make no mistake that it is a massive material. Users have to put in a considerable amount of force when it comes to lifting metal made airsoft guns. But since it is designed to last rough usage, such a construction eventually comes handy regarding durability.

Types of Guns

There are three types of guns which are frequently used in this particular sport.  Starting with the Spring Powered Guns, this weapon makes use of the spring to fire the pellet out of its barrel. After every shot, users have to cock their rifle before taking the next shot. It eventually slows down the overall process as the weapon has to be loaded manually. As a result, this weapon is usually associated with beginners who have to spend within the budget.

Then comes the Gas Airsoft Guns, which, as evident from their name, use compressed gases to fire the pellet. Most of the time, Carbon Dioxide is used as the chief propellant to shoot many BB’s on a single load. In addition to CO2, one can choose from Propane and Nitrogen.

Most of the Gas-powered gun is semi-automatic with only a fewer models being available in the fully automatic mode. With the help of the Gas Guns, users can fire pellets at a much higher velocity than the Spring Guns. Same is the case with the resulting accuracy as one can hit out the target from a long way. So for the customers with a standard set of skills/budget, this is the perfect purchase.

Coming towards the higher end product, the Auto Electric Guns makes use of a rechargeable battery to fire the BB’s. A battery charger is provided so users can charge the battery for their next round of Airsoft. If purchased in the fully automatic mode, the gun will keep on pumping the BB’s as long as the user is holding down the trigger. Mostly, the AEG can fire BBs up to 1500 rounds per minute.

However, when it can perform such an exquisite set of functions, the AEG comes at a much higher price as compared to its counterparts.

Airsoft BB’s

Ammunition used in the Airsoft Guns, it is the spherical pellet which players fire on one another. With a number of them currently available in the market, users can differentiate one type from the other by weight. The 0.12 g bbs weigh 0.12 grams and similarly, the 0.20g bbs weight 0.20 gram. These two are the most famous ammunition in the Airsoft as customers mostly rely on them.

Remember, all the best airsoft bbs are 6mm in diameter, and most of them are made of plastic.

Airsoft Brands

Starting with the Tokyo Mauri, this is one of the best airsoft brands when it comes to producing the Airsoft Guns. This brand typically makes use of the ABS plastic to make their externals. Moreover, it features an excellent range of upgrades and thanks to their unique design; customers are always very fond of products coming from this developer.

In fact, TM was the first maker of the AEG which gives it a distinctive edge over its competitors. So if you’re played the Airsoft for quite sometimes, there is no way in which you couldn’t be familiar with this particular brand.

The Classic Army is another reputable brand in the field of Airsoft. Based in Hong Kong, their specialty lies in crafting the AEGs. This manufacturer takes great care of even the minutest of details, and that’s what eventually helps them to come up with a top quality product.

In addition to the brands mentioned above, there are a number of other companies such as the ICS, G&G, G&P and the KWA, etc. which can provide you with just the right kind of product. However, it all depends on the budget which a customer is willing to spend to purchase all such accessories.

Safety Equipment:

Even though it is a fun sport, Airsoft still requires a proper amount of safety gear to ensure the safety of its players. So if you want to play airsoft safely, without risking your health, it is imperative you have at your disposal the best protective gear. You might have seen athletes being succumbed to painful injuries playing the game. While ill luck might also have also played its part, it was the lack of proper equipment that did the damage in their case. Hence, if you want to be safe while enjoying the game, not only finding but also wearing the right gear is crucial. Because as they say, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Starting from the top, the most critical gear is goggles and face masks. While the former would protect your eyes from dirt, dust, and pellets, the latter would protect your head in the event of a fall. According to veterans of this sport, it is highly recommended to never to play this sport without impact resistant goggles.

Coming down, while most of us underrate it, the importance of a chest pad cannot be denied. It will protect your chest from the upcoming BBs, thus preventing the formation of blisters on your skin.

Further down and you need elbow pads, hard knuckle gloves, and knee pads to remain safe and sound while playing the game. One can also wear such type of clothing which will cover the entire body, including full-sleeved shirts and long trousers.

Keep this in mind that too much safety equipment can restrict your movement on the field. So choose wisely and enjoy Airsoft.